Monday, December 20, 2010

Where Amazing Happens

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This is yet another Lakers post. Amazing happens in Lakers. First off, the most amazing in this post, that I really have to take my hats off to, and is credit-worthy, RON ARTEST. His transformation from a relatively bad guy to an extremely good guy is purely amazing. First, he auctioned his championship ring, and the proceeds of it will be donated. I frankly really wanna knock Ron Ron's head off, a championship ring is absolutely important for a player, but he did this for a cause. Another milestone in his life is to donate either all or some of his 2011-2012 salary. His salary is $6.79 million, if my digits are accurate, and he's going to donate it for a mental awareness program. I am just teary-eyed. You really are worthy to have a Ron Artest Day, and you got that Ron Ron, you have that. You are unbelievable, and I am so bleeping proud of you.

Second, Andrew Bynum is back! He just recently came back, and he's already steeping up his game. You are a good player, Bynum, so please, just pretty pretty pretty please, take care of yourself, be healthy, and avoid injuries. Lakers need you, and boy, we missed you!

Third, which is not really that amazing, Sasha Vujacic was traded to New Jersey for Joe Smith. I honestly don't know Joe Smith, but he's a veteran, and veterans are good players. My emotion for this trade is 50-50. I am sad, because slowly, the team that had won the 2009 NBA Champion, are fading, they have been gradually traded to another team. The most hurtful of which was Trevor Ariza's trade for Ron Artest, which paid off, at least. Joe Smith should be better than Sasha. Sasha used to be a very good player, he was even called the Machine, but he just lost it, he lost his playing mojo. He's no big help to the team, anymore, so the Lakers just have to find another player who can do a huge help. Maria Sharapova was sad for the trade, but Lakers have to.

Keep on winning, Lakers. Your game on the day of Jesus is one important game, and I have been praying for your victory. So help us GOD.

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