Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Temporarily Back

I've been on hiatus for quite a while now, but since this week is our Intrams Week, I have a chance to keep my blog up and running, temporarily. It's already August! The month that I recently discovered that I love (or was it last year?). Anyway, August 7 was our Acquaintance party. I don't love acquaintance parties.

The amazing reasons why I love August is because my major major(Venus Raj effect) lovies celebrate their birthday on August. G-Dragon, my ever-beloved guy, my soul mate, my future husband, celebrates his birthday on August 18. Following that day, August 19, is Big Bang's 4th anniversary. The last, but definitely not the least, August 23 is Kobe Bryant's birthday, my all-time favorite, idol, inspiration, and everything and all.

August 4 is my sister Ira's birthday, and August 21 is Grace's birthday, a fellow Tombz. August 15, Cordova's Town Fiesta, was also a day worth remembering, since we, the Big Bang Acafeelers, gathered up in Biankee's house and had a sleepover, but Lordee was missing in action, as always. Such a religious lady.

The following post shall be a further and detailed narration of my August days. My post will not contain any HUHSAE. I have no time to think deeply now nor fill my post with flowery words. I still have a problem with our subjects, and I'm dying. I abhor our teachers. Now, let's keep going! ~

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