Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kobe Bryant 32

[August 23, 2010]

Photo Credit to Orvillelloyddouglas

No, no, Kobe did not change his jersey number to 32 from 24, he's already 32 years old! Happy 32nd Birthday KOBE BRYANT! You have been our major major inspiration for about 10 years now. That's how long you have been occupying our hearts.

Kobe, thank you so much for always doing your best in the Lakers, and thank you for remaining in the Lakers, even after you have experienced downfall in the team. Staying in the Lakers is the best decision indeed, look at you now! You are the Champions MVP, back to back! You led the Lakers into another victory, and we want a THREEpeat.

No matter how many people argue about your reign as the greatest player, but isn't it clear? You are the greatest player in the planet in your generation. The best and renowned coaches, players, and analysts have declared so. You have also evolved dramatically from a crocodile, hungering for the ball and ever hastening to take shots, wanting all the spotlight, to a very magnanimous and trusting captain, giving chance to co-players to create their own badge. You are incredibly amazing Kobe, and we love you for that.

Kobe, we beseech you to stay in the Lakers and continue playing, do not retire, yet, for we still have a Lakers dream to pursue. Wait for us Kobe, we will come to the Staples Center and watch you play, someday. Please Kobe, do not kill our dream. I believe that we will be able to accomplish this Lakers dream. And I believe that you will attain the 3peat. God bless you Kobe and Lakers. We love you so much!

~We celebrated your birthday Kobe, look at the customized cake. LOL

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