Saturday, October 13, 2012

Abandoned Shell to Abandoned Semester

The first semester of law school has officially concluded. Freedom! It went too fast, but I won't complain. I've been meaning for the semester to end, because I'm overly excited for October 24. With the end of the semester, my blogging duties must resume. Poor abandoned blog. Frown not, my dear blog, I'm back and I'll be bombarding you with explosive posts. Prepare for a series of explosions. My C4 will be detonated in 5 4 3 2 1. BOOM!

We took a stroll months ago in the old Shell Depot in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. They have abandoned this lot. Rumors floated that a Gaisano Mall will be constructed here, but I think it won't happen. Mainly because a Gaisano Mall is under construction in the same barangay. It's less likely that two same malls will be constructed in one barangay. I fervently hope a mall will be constructed here, though, preferably Ayala or SM.

The island just across is Cebu. This strait separates Cebu and Lapu-Lapu City.

It so happened that subsistence fisherman were fishing that afternoon. Took a photo of them to consecrate their diligence. Don't be shy, kuya. Just smile and wave, boys. Just smile and wave.

Spot Raddison Blu Hotel across the sea!

I laugh abnormally. Forgive my stupid, happy face.

Spot Robinland Penthouse where we had our acquaintance party last year. Woot! Woot!

Model pose! My cousin is as abnormal as me, but I don't know how to pose like a model, though.

I told you she's abnormal as me.

My Mama's jump shot.

My first ever perfect (more or less) jump shot. Not to mention my lion hair. Hoorah!

So this is how tall the grasses get in an abandoned place. Wow! These grasses could grow as tall as the bamboos! I'm amazed. I wanna have bamboo grasses in my lawn...someday.

Right after this stroll, we headed to my cousin's house. There, we stuffed our tummies with barbecues! I swear, her yaya is the best barbecue cook in town! The barbecues are well marinated, savory, and flavorful. Better than Larsian and Fon's barbecues. Promise. I'm not being biased.

I love random, out-of-the-blue strolls with my loved ones. I was at a delirious stage the entire semester, but a break will suffice to calm me down. There's nothing like a fresh walk, the cold wind meeting your skin, and all the forest green. This is the closest vibe of nature I could get in a bustling city. I have no time to go to the South and the North side of Cebu, but now that the semester is over, I could go to anywhere I want, wherever I want (if my budget permits). Yes, I always take into consideration my budget. In fact, it's my primary consideration. I'm a full-time law student. I'm not working, hence, I have no salary. I only depend on my allowance for all my expenses. That's why I'm forever grateful to my kind-hearted relatives who never forget to slap me with cash every once in a while. I have a job offer, but I don't think I can manage juggling law school and work. I even don't know how to manage my time now that I don't have a job, much less if I'm already working.

Before deciding on whether to work or not, I'm remaining in my celebrating mood for the semestral break. I've overcome a semester of law school. It's an achievement in itself, but I am still in an agony anticipating for my grades. I hope I'll pass all the subjects. Not just me, but all of us; all my fellow classmates and friends. I've said that I would give up law school if I'll get a decent job in LA, even just a janitor to mop the floor of Staples Center. That's a decent job. I'm that desperate to go see Kobe Bryant. But really, it all depends on my grades. If I pass, then I'll continue, but if I fail just one subject, I might not. So universe, if you really want me to pursue this, you'll let me pass all my subjects. I believe that I will my pass all my subjects, though. My belief and prayers have always been helpful. What I believe and pray for always (or most of the time) manifest in real life. That's always my secret, which is not a secret anymore. BELIEVE.

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