Sunday, August 05, 2012

I'm Going to Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012!

Big Bang Alive World Tour

As if the title is not enough, I'M GOING TO WATCH BIG BANG'S CONCERT HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES! The concert is on October 24 at SM Mall of Asia Arena. Even if I live in Cebu, I'm going to fly to Manila just for them, and them alone. I love them that much. I don't have that much money, though.

Anyway, I was able to purchase the Lower Box B ticket, because the reservation system of SM tickets sucks like hell. I was gonna buy the Lower Box A ticket (I could not afford the VIP, although I'm a VIP), but they were marked SOLD OUT although they were just reserved. Guess what's crap? After 3 days, most of the reserved seats were made available because those retards who reserved the seats did not pursue on buying the tickets. What the fudge! 

The selling of tickets started on July 21 at 1pm, and just minutes after, the website of SM Tickets crashed. I could not reserve a ticket, and I could not immediately go to SM, because I had a class. Then, updates went coming in stating that VIP and Lower Box A seats were all sold out. I was devastated. However, after class, I hurriedly went to SM to buy a ticket, and the Lower Box B was the one I was able to purchase. My heart sank when some Lower Box A seats were available after 3 days, but I can't do anything about that now. Then, SM did not allow ticket reservations anymore due to so many criticisms and rants from the VIPs. I'm just hoping for the greatest concert experience in my entire life. Well, I know I would get that. Hello? They're Big Bang!

she's my niece, her birthday's on July 21

excuse my face, I was too overwhelmed

Ahhh! I'm so excited! Can it be October 24 already? I'm so ready! You know what I'm most thankful about? The date! It's our sem-break, so we have no class. Yaaaay! Just a bit of trivia, October 24 was also the day I went to Manila last year for our educational tour. 24 is really special. Kobe Bryant's jersey number is 24, too! I love 24! I'm so nonsensical right now. I'm swallowed by too much excitement, happiness, panic attacks, and delusions. Pardon me.

Anyone from Cebu who's going to the concert?


  1. me! :)) (how i wish) as much as i want to go with you, party with BB, rock with Bigbang and go crazy w/ BB, 25% of me says i want to go and 75% says i don't have money. :((((

  2. huhuhuh. I feel so sad that I have no friend to fangirl with on the actual concert. Can you borrow money from your parents? haha. utang na lang sah. :D

  3. i already bought a ticket mars. kina kiliran jud ko. wahahahahaha

    1. OMG! Happy kaau ko na maka.adto ka, bisan di ta tupad sa concert. Waaaah!