Saturday, August 25, 2012

Black Mamba Day: Kobe's 34th Birthday

photo credit to @lakers instagram

Celebrating Kobe Bryant's birthday... 2010, 2011, 2012... the tradition continues every 08/23.
NOTE: We celebrated his birthday last 2009, but we didn't buy a cake. There were only pizzas and ice cream, and we did NOT take photos. Sad. I know.

As you can obviously see, we celebrated Kobe Bryant's 34th birthday on August 23. He was born on 1978. However, we celebrated it a day earlier, because that's how the time of the world runs.

My sister and I love KB24!

circa 2009
The only person who understands how deep my love for Kobe is, simply because we share the same love for Kobe. Kobe is our ultimate idol in the whole vast universe. Our love for him is not an infatuation. It's beyond that. It's magically different.
This year's the first time that we're not able to celebrate Kobe's birthday together, but I'm very thankful for Mama for being the best supportive mother. As usual, she supports me in celebrating the birthday of my loved ones. Best.Mom.Ever.

circa 2009
I pray to relive this moment. 
I'm going to relive this moment. But next time, it's going to be a new one.

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P.S. This post is sort of a photo diary, because I refuse to write about Kobe Bryant. Dude, I was crying when the whole world celebrated his birthday. Of course, I'm beyond happy that he continues to exist in this world. Otherwise, my life would be meaningless (kind of). I can't accept the fact that he is slowly reaching the "retirement age". He usually gives hints that he's going to retire soon, like saying that he's only going to play for the next two years. And when he said that Dwight could carry the franchise long after he is gone. My heart aches every time he does that. What is the point of all my hard work if I can't fulfill my Lakers dream? Pointless! Just plain pointless. So please, help me and my sister's Lakers dream. I strongly believe that we can fulfill our Lakers dream. More than that, I strongly believe that it will happen soon, just before Kobe retires. 
Thus, I continuously pray for the universe to conspire to let us fulfill that dream.

Aside from that prayer, I wish for the Los Angeles Lakers to be the next NBA Champions, and to be the next, and the next, and so on. Go get that ring, Lakers! Win more championships! That has always been Kobe's dream, so it's what I pray for, because I love him so much. I also wish for Kobe to be the Season, All-Star, and Finals MVP. I wish for Kobe to have a loving relationships with his family and a happy marriage life. Aaaand, good health and long life to every Lakers member, and every person who works for Lakers. Also, cooperation and team work among them. I wish them all the best in life. But for now: in 2013, we will do it again. 0617! If you know what I mean. :)

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