Saturday, August 18, 2012

GDay: G-Dragon's Birthday

 0818 is G-Day!

I made this for G-Dragon! I'm so cheesy.

Don't judge me, people. Don't judge me.

Also celebrated his birthday with this Black Forest roll and an Iced Caramel Macchiato at Kaffee Alde. I'm so grateful for my ever supportive mother. She celebrated GDay with me, and she's the one who bought the food for me. Best mom ever!

Mama accidentally captured this, but I love it! Really shows how crazy I am for GD.

Forever thankful to Bianca and Jel for this "G-Dragon heart Mars" shirt.

Forever thankful to Star for this! It's a keychain, but I DIY-ed it into a necklace. :)

If this isn't enough testament how much I love G-Dragon, then I don't know what is. How insane is it that someone celebrates a person's birthday who does not even know her? GD does not know me, and we are not related in any way, shape or form. Well, I think he's is my husband. Does that count? 

But because I love him so much, here I am, celebrating his existence. I hope someday GD and I will be celebrating his birthday together. I am delusional. An alienist needs to check my mental faculties. Kidding aside, I wish nothing but the best for G-Dragon. He is a musical genius. Keep doing what you do, GD. Thank you for existing in this world! I love you, until whenever.

P.S. Check out my birthday posts for G-Dragon for the past years. They are more substantial in terms of content. But as I always say, writing about G-Dragon (as well as Big Bang), is the most daunting task to do. I can't contain my love in words. Never.
G-Dragon, My Vita Dolce
August 18 is GDay

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