Sunday, July 22, 2012

Instagram Photos

Posting a series of my Instagram photos, because I'm too lazy to blog about my backlog posts. Geez! It's been two months after summer and I still have so many pending posts about it (places where I've been and photos of nature). It's hard for me to make time for blogging. I'll find time to post them, someday. Probably next summer. Hopefully, not.

One sunny afternoon and I'm dazed by the sunlight's reflection on the surface of the sea.

I loved the hue of the clouds one summer sunset, so I captured it. Instagram did its job in enhancing the colors.

I injured the wing of this dragonfly. I'm sorry. But it was still able to fly after I gave him freedom.

My doodles! I was feeling a bit creative and artsy at some point in the midst of my busy life. It's actually a good stress reliever.

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