Monday, July 09, 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On

"Everything negative - pressure, challenges - is all an opportunity for me to rise". 
-Kobe Bryant

Keep calm and Carry On. This famous Tumblr quote is very fitting to my tornado-like situation right now. Sometimes I wonder, why did I ever went to law school and subject myself to all these difficult studies. I am honestly so stressed, my pimples are sprouting all over my face. I don't have enough time for leisure and relaxation. I sleep long on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, though. However, I miss those chill undergraduate days. I often think why I'm depriving myself of all the things that I used to lovely do, just because I want to become a lawyer. Why should I pursue this difficult course, when I could just settle for other careers that's more fun and chill? I doubt myself at times. Could I even survive law school? If I could, can I pass the bar exam? If I can, will I be an excellent lawyer? What if I'll always lose my case? All these negative, self-doubt questions circling and slowly clouding up my mind. I cannot, for the life of me, think of negative things, because I'm the master of my own mind. Whatever I think manifests in real life. I'm sure, though, that my negative thoughts are ever so weak and my positive thoughts will overpower them. 

Quite fortunately though, I've come across that quote above that inspired me to thrive. What makes this quote all the more inspiring is the fact that Kobe Bryant, my all-time favorite basketball player in the world that I so faithfully love, spoken these words. Kobe Bryant inspires me in such a high level. He, honestly, makes me a better person. Coming from a very successful person in his field, I'll take this quote as my strength to pursue and push further. Moreover, I was also inspired by Red Tani when he posted that, 

"When you want to achieve something... Work for it". 
-Red Tani 

Although, initially, being a lawyer was not my dream, it eventually became my own dream as time went by and as all those painful, traumatic experiences transpired in my life. I want to achieve something, so I have to work for it. You won't arrive at where you're going if you're not going to take the journey towards it. Pursuing law may be a state of tornado, but once you've reached your dream, you know all the hardship is worth it. You will eventually attain tranquility, knowing that you've gone beyond all the pressure and challenges. Life is beautiful when we believe. We simply just have to ask, believe, and receive. Keep the unwavering faith in God and in yourself.

This photo was taken this summer. It's a tornado that formed in the skies of our neighbor town. After this, rain poured and flooded the town.

While trying to take a picture of the tornado, I accidentally took this photo. I love this photo because of the depth of field, that I honestly did not set. I did not change the camera's settings, but it turned out this way. Plus, I don't know depth of field settings. This is a raw, unedited photo (except for the watermark).

On a positive note, I'm enjoying law school by far. I know I've been ranting about being so busy with all the readings and the oral recitations being so nerve-wracking. This is a good kind of busy and a weirdly awesome kind of pressure. I'm just taking it one step at a time, and after every subject, I thank God for being with me and for guiding me. It's so fulfilling when my mind undergoes into so much thinking. It helps me forget all the bad things in my life, and makes me envision a bright, positive, good, if not best, future. It also exercises my brain and prevents it from rusting. It makes me believe.

Updates to my law school life: we had our Acquaintance Party last Thursday. Please read Anina's Shine and Thrive entry regarding that. I'm being a sloth to blog about it, partly because I didn't take much photos, so I have nothing substantial to show you. Also, please read her We Won't Give Up entry about what had happened in our first month of being in law school. It contains a series of photos from our first day until last week.

In connection with our Acquaintance Party, which also celebrated USC College of Law's 75th Diamond Year. Under all the pressure, I am also inspired by this quote:

 "A diamond is a chunk of coal that is made good under pressure".
-Henry Kissinger 

Thus, right now, I am a rough diamond undergoing a very hard process of smoothing and polishing. Moreover, USC Law created its own wine called Adamas, which means "unconquerable". Someday, I will become a very smooth and polished diamond, and I will be unconquerable. I'm just waiting for that moment to come, and when it comes, I will have that moment for life.

That's all for now. I blabbed much, right? I simply expressed my soulful musings in this post about my current situation. Oh well, I'm just being a soul blabber.

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