Saturday, June 30, 2012


I've already disclosed in my previous post about my brother's birthday. You know how it is. Whenever there's a birthday, it only means one thing - food! We decided to dine at Japengo - a Japanese restaurant. It's located in Parkmall.

All the food that we ordered are absolutely savory and flavorful. I was overly satisfied. The taste of the food is magical. They lifted me off my feet and brought me into the heavens. I was happy with all the delicious food that we feasted. I could just imagine how happy the Japanese people are. These food are ordinarily served in their everyday meals. How lucky! I overate, though. We were only three and we almost ate all the food, except for that big rice platter with shrimps. My tummy bloated right after, that it felt like a Spalding basketball is inside my stomach.

I rest my positive verdict upon Japengo. It's worth your bucks. You won't regret filling your stomach with their well-cooked food. Words of advice, though, order food which you think tastes good or better yet, ask the waiters and waitresses. There are some Japanese food that doesn't suit the taste of Filipinos.

Pardon me for the low-quality photos. Mama didn't bring the camera, because her bag was already so heavy. Thus, we utilized my camera phone, which has no flash. Too lazy and tired to post-process the photos, too. Did not even bother putting a watermark. Oh well. It's not like people are gonna steal my crappy photos.

Glad that I had time to blog. I avoid blogging and reading blogs during school days, especially if I have to study for oral recitations and quizzes, because the internet is such a big distraction and source of procrastination. Right now, my time is gold. I have to balance sleep and study. Health is wealth. Thus, even though I should study, I sleep and take a rest.

Until then! 


  1. Replies
    1. Let's eat there! We have Japengo coupons that we could use. :)

  2. is it really worth your money mars? coz i wanna try some other japanese restaurants

    1. bianx! super worth xa, kay naa man mi coupon gud... murag almost half the price ra among nabayran tungod sa coupon.. ganahan ka mangaon tas japengo using the coupon? september 30 bya ma.expire ang coupon.

  3. wahahahaha. karon pa ko kabasa ani. september 30 naman diay ugma!!!! wahahahaha. sayang!