Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Motocross Love

Summer made me fall in love with motocross. No, I'm not a motocross racer nor a rider. I haven't even driven a motorcycle for two years, I suppose. You see, I've been in a motor accident twice, so I'm still in a state of trauma for what happened. Despite that, I get amazed by all those flying, buwis-buhay motocross stunts.

There is this town in Mindanao where it held a motocross race on its town fiesta. It was my first time to actually witness a motocross race. We went to watch what all the shiz is about and because we knew some of the racers. Of course, I supported and cheered my lungs out for our family friend's son, but I stopped to save myself from humiliation. Why? He did not win. Even worse, he usually lands second to the last or on the last spot. Boo.

Anyway, I still cheered for all the thrill that was happening. It was really exciting and fun to watch. We went to watch the race for two consecutive days. We were obsessed to motocross like that. Who wouldn't? They're too fantastic. People jumped and jaws dropped out of astonishment.

All these levitating motors, don't they look exhilarating?

Ready, set...


Muddy and dirty motors. It rained hard during the race, but they went on. Dedication!

Racers falling off their motors are inevitable. Look at the racer on the ground.

Admiration level: beyond the meter. I admire them all. Gaaah! I even joked to my mother that I would enter into the motocross world and instead pursue being a motocross racer than the path I am now taking. She just laughed about it, but wouldn't it be cool? It was just a joke, though. Watching the race also made me remember my childhood favorite motocross racer, McGrath. How wonderful he was! Memories.

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