Monday, June 11, 2012


In my previous post, I've talked about our first trek this summer. Now, this post is dedicated to our second trek. Part two, baby! The journey in this trek was longer. The first trek was more exhausting though, because the mountain's altitude was higher. Still, this trek caused me days of muscle cramps. Poor thighs and legs.

We did this trek not only out of fun, but because we wanted to go to the neighbor town. Yes, we trekked from one town to another. That's why it took us a lot of time to arrive at our destination. Trekking is strenuous, but exciting and fulfilling. It's fulfilling because we've come a long and hard way just to get to the top of the mountain. When you're there, standing on top, gasping for air, looking down to what you've conquered - that's victory. Trekking is like our life's journey to reach our dreams.

P.S. Together with my classmates, I've conquered Osmeña peak (the highest peak of Cebu) when I was in 2nd year college. Thanks to our Sociology teacher. That was a great achievement despite all my rants and ramblings along the way. I still could not conceive how I was able to reach the peak, because it was really high and I was dead tired, but I did. Happy!


  1. You're blogging again!! Yey! I missed you!! See you soon, partner. ;)

    1. Yes, I'm blogging again. Yay!!! I missed you, too, buddy! :)