Thursday, June 21, 2012

Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara and Purederm Magic BB Cream

These are my newest beauty acquisitions:
Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara and Purederm Magic BB Cream.

I don't really know how to apply makeup. I'm lame like that. The farthest I could get is applying mascara on my lashes and lipstick on my lips. Beyond that, nothing more complex. My whole face becomes a mess if I try to put on eye shadow, blush, eyebrow liner (or whatever you use to line your eyebrow), and other makeup. 

What's more funny is that my eyebrows aren't even shaped. They're so bushy. I don't get them shaved, plucked or threaded. I love my natural, bushy, thick eyebrows. Before, I don't even put eyeliner on. I cry every time I try to, but now I'm adapting. Additionally, I'm quite fortunate because I have a naturally rosy face. I don't have to apply blush on my cheeks. I sometimes hate my red face, though. Sometimes, it becomes too red, especially when I'm under the heat or when I laugh so hard. I'm Marcel the red-faced person.

My beauty regimen (except when I'm just at home and when I'm not in a hurry) are BB cream, face powder, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick. I have bare face when I'm just at home. Zero makeup. When I'm in a hurry, I just put powder, mascara, and lipstick on. When I'm really, really, really in a hurry, I just put powder and lip balm on. I'm as simple as that.

Okay, about my new beauty acquisitions. I love the Maybelline Hyper Curl mascara. It's waterproof! At first, I got sad because I can't wash it off my lashes. I forced it to get off and I consequently ended up plucking my lashes. I did not know that it was waterproof then. I didn't read the label, but I suspected that it was after my effort of washing it off. Alas! It's really waterproof. It's clearly printed on the label. I love it so much. Goodbye to smudge and smears every time I rub my eyes. Buy one for only 249Php at Watsons.

Purederm BB Magic Cream is just as wonderful. This is actually my second bottle. I've been using this BB cream since March. I gave my first bottle to my aunt in Mindanao. She noticed that my face looks so vibrant and fresh every time I put BB cream on. So one time, she asked me what cream do I apply on my face. She wanted to have the same effect on her face. I gave it to her, because it's not sold anywhere near she lives. Every time I apply Purederm BB Magic Cream, my face achieves a Korean complexion. It looks natural, and even if I have an oily face, my face doesn't look eww with it on. It doesn't cause breakouts even though my face is pimple-prone. Plus, it has SPF30. Buy one for only 329Php at Watsons. 

P.S. This is a scheduled post. By the time this is published, I'm probably sinking my face into the pile of cases and books we have to read... or worse, dying. I'm so stressed! Gaaah! Help me. Can you please give me more brains? 1 brain per subject, please. I'm considering this blog to be deactivated for the sake of my own life, but I just can't give this blog up. Expect me to be on hiatus or expect me to have more scheduled posts. I'm going to be less active in blogging. One post per week, perhaps. Hopefully. One more thing, today's the birthday of my evil nemesis - my brother. This means pig out day! Food is my stress reliever.


  1. haha i don't like putting on much makeup either...though i've learned how to do eye-makeup quite well...

    i've always wanted to try bb cream!! it looks really cool!

    1. Wow! I would really want to learn how to do eye makeup. I suck at it. :(

  2. Thanks for sharing! :) I need to find a good BB cream for when I go to Phil! I'm using moisturizer because I get dry skin here in cold England but that would just melt when I go back to Phil!

    1. Welcome, Anna! You're coming here in the Phil next month, right? I hope you'll get used to the tropical heat. The weather's been (a bit) cold lately, though.