Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mountains and Forests

Nature is my only solace when the modern world runs at a very fast pace. In the rat race of life, my world takes a rest every time I daze upon the untouched beauty of God's creation. The green environment consoles the hasty pounding of my heart and mind. I am an elemental person who cares for our Mother Earth. Thus, trekking is a great adventure or sport that actually helps me to be one with nature. Trekking also opens my view that Mother Nature is naturally beautiful, and that we have to take care of our environment.

When we were young, my cousins, siblings, and I would climb mountains in the province. It was how we play. We enjoy climbing mountains and entering forests. We did trekking way before we knew the word. Survivor was how we called our mountain activities, based on the reality TV show. Now that we're are all grown ups, trekking is how we call our adventure, because it is indeed trekking.

This summer, we did trekking, again. We missed trekking. It's been years since we last did trekking together. That's why we trekked twice this summer. Not only did I enjoy trekking, I also enjoyed the quality time spent with my relatives who I rarely see.

One lazy, boring summer afternoon, we had nothing to do so I jumped off the couch and suggested trekking. They excitedly concurred with my decision so off we went. Oh! It was an uphill struggle, but when we reached the peak of the mountain, the scenery overwhelmed us. It was beautiful. The bountiful nature was serene, and we felt it. The world is beautiful, so let us love it.

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