Sunday, September 04, 2011

How to Add Authors in Blogger

I've been up late for two nights due to my blog reconstruction. First night, I was busy with the authors thingy. I transferred the admin access of my blog from my old email ad to the new. It was so frustrating at first. I could not receive the invitation. It sucks as hell. My mind was breaking. Thank goodness to this certain post that states how I could successfully receive the invitation and consequently, grant admin privileges. Blogger Help was of no help to me. I had to search for other sources of information. Thank you, whoever you are.

Here's the deal. If you want to add authors to your blog. These are the steps, assuming that your first account is, and the email ad of the author you want to add is, the second account.

To add authors to your blog. You just have to go to Settings, then Permissions, then add authors. Log out of your first account, then log in to your second account. Check your Gmail inbox for the invitation then accept it. Log in to your first account again, go to Settings>Permissions then click Grant Admin Privileges beside There you have it! If you want to revoke admin privileges to your first account, you can do  so by going to Settings>Permissions, then beside, click revoke admin privileges. Warning: Do NOT delete or disable first account.

Here's the catch. Did not receive an invitation at all? Then that's probably because your first account email ad is not set to its own email ad. If your first account is, its email ad should be set at To change that. Go to Edit Profile of your first account, under Identity, change your email ad to, hit SAVE. Then repeat the process of adding authors. That will do the trick, because that did mine. 

Hope this will enlighten others, though I suck at instructing steps.

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