Saturday, September 24, 2011

Le Cafe Noir

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Before anything else, good thing I brought a camera with me! Well, it was really intended for EATOF’s Appreciation Night last night, but I ended up leaving it in the car. Anywhoo, yesterday morning, we went to our classmate’s family’s newly opened cafe/restaurant. Instead of making projects, assignments, and the like, we ended up eating our hearts out and of course, playing computer games (GUILTY AS CHARGED! LOL :P). 
spot mars and I. :P
yummy cakes and pastries!!!
paintings in the wall
the meeting room. say hello to my busy bee classmates! :)
The foods!!!!
I swear this is the best chicken I’ve tasted! Right Lordee? :P
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet
delish cupcakes courtesy of Santi’s mother. Thanks tita! 
Look at me, devouring a cupcake! :P
suman with chocolate syrup and turon. Attack agad, gow!!
Red Devil: Haven’t tasted this one but it sure looks yummy, don’t you think?
Red Velvette: This is super delish, swear!!!
the proud GF, and my PLL buddy, Leane. :)
L-R: Mars, Mel, Lordee, StarJo and Jason at the back playing with the pc. :P
The owners…
Le Cafe Noir is the place to be. Perfect for meetings, study groups, or just plain chill outs. *two thumbs up*
Thank you for having us! We promise to visit again soon. :D
For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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