Monday, September 26, 2011

I am the DUMBEST

I am the dumbest. LOL. Sometimes, when I tweet, I am absent-minded. I don't think twice before I hit a tweet. So I end up being stabbed in a forum, which I just knew of. HAHA. Mehn! People read my tweets? LOL. These people made me laugh so hard although I must sink in humiliation because I'm the dumbest. BAAHAA

The thing is, #FoodandLiquor became a trending topic last month or so, I'm not sure. It is the album of Lupe Fiasco. So I tweeted "I may not be a #FoodandLiquor fan or a die-hard fan of Lupe Fiasco, but Written in the Stars is one of my favorite songs". LOL. That tweet caused a stir in a forum in Why? Because Lupe Fiasco does NOT have that song! That song was by Tinnie Tempah! I just laugh, because what I meant in my tweet was THE SHOW GOES ON. It is one of my favorite songs. The reason why I have tweeted Written In The Stars is because I got addicted with these two songs at the same time, so I interchange their rappers most of the time. Major boo for me.

I don't deserve to be talked about because I am no one, but I deserve that stab because I'm so dumb. haha.

I apologize to you, Lupe Fiasco fans. I'm sorry, guys, okay? Most importantly, I apologize to you, Lupe Fiasco. 

Here's the link of the forum. Here are the screen caps.
Yes guys, you know what to do. ^_______________^

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