Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Page 31 of 366 is My Birthday!

Yep, yesterday was my birthday. I'm always grateful to God for the gift of life. I won't be too dramatic. I just wanna say to all those who greeted me, to all those who remembered my birthday (with the help of Facebook), to all those who gave me gifts and surprises - THANK YOU from the abyss of my heart.

Niña, thank you for this. It's so pretty. Thank you for the DIY card, too. Thank you for your touching blog post for me. I love you!

Tombs Society, thank you for surprising me. Do forgive me for being late, rendering your surprise un-grand. I appreciate your effort, anyway. The surprise doesn't really matter, it's you, guys. Thank you for your messages (no photo, it's for my safekeeping). I love you forevs.

Okay, so instead of the usual home celebration, we opted to just have dinner outside. Since the whole family is not here, it's the better option. Mama and I were really confused where to eat, but I chose Hukad. Hello! Unlimited rice! It's pig out day! After dinner, we craved for something sweet, so I led Mama and le bro to Dessert Factory. We savored those yummy pastries, despite our already bloated and full tummy.
heavenly goodness~

Camille Co's birthday greeting for me. ♥

Divine Lee's birthday greeting for me. ♥
I'm going gaga! These two are my idols!

Today, February 1 - lunch blowout for TombSoc with Bianca, my fellow VIP, Big Bang, Acafeelers. I missed her so much. Gonna treat Air, sooner or later. Realized that we didn't take photos. I guess we got too overwhelmed with chit chats and laughter. Bianca's birthday is next on the calendar - February 28. Then, Air's always epic birthday - March 21. It's gonna be one crazy, fun party.

That's all for now! I'm not really in the mood for blogging. I braved out my laziness so as not to further delay my birthday blog post. I'm gonna be busy this week and the next. Grad pictorial this Friday, General Assembly in the morning of Saturday and a forum about Cebu City Flyovers in the afternoon, Midterm exam in International Relations next Wednesday, examination in Local Government next, next Monday, and a load of other assignments. Huh! I had a chill, long weekend last week, but I have a hectic weekend and stress weekdays in the following weeks. Oh well.