Thursday, January 26, 2012

Birthday Wishlist (UPDATED)

My birthday is on the 31st of January, just so you know. I got a bunch of things I wanna have, but I'll be material this time. Wishes for safety, blessings, health, and all abstract stuff - I'll leave it to God. For material wishes, I'll ask them from YOU.

1. Any Canon or Nikon DSLR
photo credit to Canon

photo credit to Nikon

My SONY Cyber-shot DSC-H7 point-and-shoot camera got dysfunctional last Christmas. It has already served me for years. Got it when I was in 4th year high school, now I'm a 4th year college. I have been dying to own a DSLR. Right now, a point-and-shoot camera will do, as long as it has some DSLR properties. But, I really want a DSLR, just for beginners. I would gladly accept a Canon 1100D or a Nikon D3100. They are the most affordable DSLR for beginners.

2. Portable Speakers
photo credit to *click link for price and details*

photo credit to yugatech *click link for price and details*

Anyway, portable speakers are available in CD-R King stores or any PC stores. I think they're affordable too, starting at P300.

3. Shoes
Jeffrey Campbell Lita inspired from Asianvogue *click link for price and details*

cheaper prices and free shipping in Find n Flaunt

click THIS LINK for price and details

click THIS LINK for price and details

click THIS LINK for price and details
*photo credits to Asianvogue*

I have been rooting to own a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita and Doc Martens boots, but they are too expensive so inspired shoes will do.

4. Clothes
photo credit to Cheap and Chic

I want dresses, clothes, pants, or shorts with aztec or tribal prints. I don't know, any clothes will do, even thrifted.

5. Book
photo credit to Free Spiritual Ebooks

I need to have The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I just want this book so much. I have to have it.

6. Fan signs
@PaoloParaiso kuya pao fan sign nmn nanalo k nmn ng bb eh like this one o my name is rozenda pls Ty Ty po
photo credit to Rozenda at MobyPicture 

I want a fan sign from my favorite fashion bloggers, especially Camille Co and Danika Navarro. It should say, at least, Happy Birthday Mars.

7. Big Bang Album or Concert DVD
Big Bang's comeback will be on February, so their album will be up next month. Their Big Show concert will also be on March. Months after, their concert DVD will be released. B to the I to the G! BANG!

8. Lakers or Kobe Bryant items
photo credit to

Anything Lakers, anything Kobe Bryant, I would happily accept. 

9. Food
photo credit to RoxanaD on DeviantArt

photo credit to

Please, will someone treat me to La Marea and buy me mochi ice cream balls and macarons?

10. Tour/Trip/Travel
Please, will someone sponsor my out-of-the-country trips? Hongkong with Macau trip will do, for now.

11. Contact Lens
photo credit to My Colorful Eyes

Right now, My Colorful Eyes has an on-going sale until my birthday! All contact lenses are only P500! Awesome sauce!

12. Varsity Jacket
photo credit to Mhuy Femenina

I want a Laker-ish varsity jacket, so the color would be purple & yellow. The letter would be G at the front and back. The number would be 24 at the sleeve. Mhuy Femenina would PM the price and details if you'll inquire.

13. Satchel
photo credit to Serial Apparel *click link for price and details*

This Laker-ish satchel from Serial Apparel drives me cray cray! I want this so bad. 

14. Laptop Sleeve
photo credit to CD-R King *click link for price, details, and designs*

I know my laptop is a crazy b*tch. It's just 5 months old and it's been acting up. In fact, I have submitted it for repair, already. My laptop is so frustrating. I am so malas with my choices. Anyway, despite that, I still wanna protect it from scratches and stuff when I travel. I still love my laptop.

15. Phone
photo credit to Sun Cellular *click link for price and details*

My current phone has been acting up. It has already served me for two years, so I understand. I need a new one. Although I want an iphone, it's too expensive. I want a smartphone, and the affordable one is the Blackberry Curve 8520. Sun Cellular has a Blackberry Plan 999. Cash-out for the phone is free.
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That is all! Wheeew! Whatta long birthday wishlist. If I can't have them for my birthday, I can have them for my graduation. Masyado lang naman akong demanding. But, for graduation, I'll ask for something huge - car! If not a car, I wanna transfer to a new house in the city. Although it's highly unlikely to be granted, I will still try to ask. I'm up for negotiation (with my father goose). TEEHEE



  1. I have those pink Doc Marten replicas :D You can get them real cheap from Asian Vogue :)

    Please join my quick giveaway here:

    1. Wow! I really want to have my own pair. Thanks for dropping by. :)

  2. Replies
    1. marami talaga! eksaherada ako eh! mamili ka lang ng kahit ano there na carry mo.