Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Nothing really awesome for the past weeks, since school has started. I'm back to being a nerdy geek with my astigmatism glasses on. What have I been up to? Well, my life's boring. I've been sleeping non-stop. New year's resolution - FAILED. But that doesn't stop me from trying to change my sloth lifestyle. I'm in my adjustment period. *cough cough* lame excuse

When I have nothing to post about, I resort to semi-photoblog. It helps me keep my blog up and running, despite my lack of time and interesting events to blab about.

This cute entity is baby Dime. I miss him so much. He is our cousin, but we treat him as our nephew, because we treat his father as our brother, though he is really our uncle. I am as vague as that. Pardon me.

Comfort Food! People need not ask why I'm a flabby chubby fat girl. I don't deprive myself from food. 
I've been eating too much, lately. Another new year resolution failure. Boo me.

I dream of taking a bokeh photograph, but when I rummaged through our photo albums last year, I saw this!  Taken Christmas 2010. Not sure who took this photo, perhaps my Mama or my sister, but I'm assuming it was me. In the family, I'm the only one who loves to take photos of the lights of the island across.

Thingamajig blabs.
  • I am a Dean's Lister, again, for the 1st Semester of AY 2011-2012. Thank you, God. An early birthday gift. On that note, please make my dream come true this March. I'm graduating! Yay!
  • Lakers has been winning. I am so happy, Lord God. Please always guide them and make them healthy. More wins! Thank you, Jesus. ~BELIEVE
  • Big Bang comeback this February! Big Show this March! Yehey! God, bless my baby loves.
  • My birthday is upcoming! Page 31 of 2012! I hope to celebrate my birthday this year, happily. Please Lord God, please let me be happy. I didn't really feel that I turned 19 last year. Whole 2011, I felt that I was 18, because I didn't get to celebrate my 19th birthday. It's just sad. Although I will not be a teenager when the clock hits 12 on the 31st, I'd be glad to be 20, knowing that I will be happy. You know exactly what I pray for, Lord God. Just grant that, and that will be the greatest birthday gift. Please.
  • It's Friday the 13th! I love Friday the 13th's, because I love horror, suspense movies. Talk about Jason Voorhees! I consider myself unlucky, but this day makes me feel that I am not alone. Kidding! I don't wish for misfortune to others. I don't believe that Friday the 13th is a malas (misfortune) day. People are just so superstitious, it's an ordinary day, and I love it's name. I usually find all the Friday the 13th's in the year, and look forward to them.
  • I will be on hiatus. I will submit my laptop for repair, again.This is just so frustrating.
  • HAPPY SINULOG 2012, CEBU! VIVA PIT SENYOR! Sto. Niño, be with us.

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