Friday, January 06, 2012

Segunda Mano

On page 2 of 366, our family opted to patronize Philippine movies. Thus, we watched Segunda Mano. Manila Kingpin is my first option, but majority wins. I am not a stubborn killjoy (my brother) who just sits outside the cinema, waiting for his family who were all inside enjoying a LOL movie, such as Segunda Mano. He just doesn't know how to cooperate, even with Mama. Bad vibes away!

Anywhoo, Segunda Mano is a LOL movie, because it's totally funny. Bangs Garcia is the star of the movie. She's simply hilarious. It's not even scary. If you know me, I don't easily get scared with horror movies. Horror movies always fail to do horror on me. Insidious had high horror acclaims, but it's a thumbs down for me. Seriously, what kind of ghost can't pass through a door? Horror movies are so funny. The only horror movie who scared the shiiizzz out of me is Shutter, the original Thai one, not the remake. Only Asian horror movies creep me out. Shutter made me paranoid and has caused me sleepless nights. The idea that Natre is riding on my back just makes me crazy. haha

I was just looking for my coin

that smile makes me look like a doppelganger
[thrifted top, DIY denim cut-offs, Forever 21 booties]

[Forever 21 connector ring, from Star rooster ring, Extreme Finds necklace, 
from Simala rosary bracelet(my everyday wear), Marcella golden bracelet, random bangle]

No matter how many movies would exude horror out of second hands, pre-owned, pre-loved, thifted, vintage items, or antiques, I would not get scared. I think it's all capitalism, anyway. These movies portray horror in these items, so that we would no longer buy thrifted. Thrifted has been gaining a lot of love, because it's cheap, and there's 0.0004 percent that you're gonna find someone wearing the same outfit as you. The expensive, upscale brands are losing some profit from people who are so devoted in thrift shopping. Hence, the horror movies about ukays. I'm not saying that this is exactly the point of Segunda Mano and that killer wedding dress from Shake, Rattle, and Roll XI story Ukay-Ukay last 2009. I'm just blabbing out my theory. Just a theory. :)


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  2. I don't know with you, but the pictures load man. O.o