Sunday, January 08, 2012

Bad Hair Ramblings

When I had my hair permed.



Well, I used to have that kind of beautiful, long, curly hair like Raina. I permed my hair twice for the past years. But after a year, my hair got too long, so I had to cut the curls last August, and decided to keep my natural wavy hair for a moment. When the new year came, I thought of perming my hair, again. I didn't really find time during the Christmas break because I'm lazy as ever. Thus, last Friday, since we have no class, I decided to go for it. 

Unfortunately, the most unfortunate person in the universe (as I always say), my hair turned out so awfully wrong. My hair is super short. The last time I sported a short hair as this was years ago. Plus! The curls are super small! I told the stylist for medium curls, and she said okay. Maybe I'm okay with a hair this short, because Tricia Gosingtian had a hair this short with those meduim curls, but the tiny curls are so not okay! My hair look like dead, plastic Barbie doll hair. T_T

At first, I would want to blame my sister for this. She didn't want to go with me at the salon where I got my hair permed the last time. I love that salon, because the gay stylist really know how to manage my hair. Perfect length, perfect cut, perfect curls. But the last time we went there, the stylist who cut my sister's hair cut it too short and ugly. My sister became so angry, that the next day, she went to another salon and just had her hair rebonded. She promised not to go back to that salon, ever. I always want to have someone go with me at salons. She agreed to go with me, but at other salons, so okay. I think there's no problem with that. My sister said that the perms of salons are just the same, so I don't have to worry. Turns out, they are not the same! 

On second thought, I blame myself. This is not my sister's fault, neither the stylist. It's all my fault! If I were not so dependent on others, I could just go all by myself to the salon I love and had my hair permed there. The result would be okay, I guess. I would not have this freaking ugly hair right now. Argh! I want to beat my sorry dependent self up!

Well, I can't do anything about it now. There are really bad consequences of our choices, like my laptop acting so freaking crazy and dumb. It was my choice to buy it, so now I have to suffer. All I have to do now is to wait for my hair to grow and be long enough for me to cut the small curls. I may have to find another salon to have it permed, too, because my favorite gay stylist doesn't work on the salon, anymore. Mama found out after her mani-pedi yesterday. I have no idea where he is. My sister also said that Au Revoir (where we got our hair permed first) is closed, now.

Forgive me for my long rants. I just have to let it out. :/