Friday, February 24, 2012

Our Pet Fish

Meet Fifi! This fish was only 1/4 its size when we got him on December. Now, he's a big boy! He eats a lot! Lately though, he doesn't eat that much. He's a humpy head with Chinese characters, but they're not visible, yet. This fish is very weird that I thought it has a mental disorder. Could fishes have mental disorders? 

Fifi is also a serial killer. He has already killed three fishes of the same kind, his siblings. He attacks them nonstop. He's a bully. He takes advantage of his size and attacks his smaller siblings. When we transfer them to another aquarium, they're already too week. Sadly, they didn't survive.
Despite Fifi's killer instinct, I still take care of this fish. I clean his aquarium and change his water. I feed him everyday. It's actually good that we have pets. I'm weird, but I talk to them. I'm not that close to Fifi, though. I love dogs as pets more than fishes. But, my dream is to own a wolf or a panda bear as my pet. How about you? What are your pets? What are your dream pets?

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