Saturday, February 11, 2012

PC Stores and Service Centers

Remember me blabbing about my frustrating laptop? I have submitted it for repair. After a week or so, the service center called the house, telling I could pick it up on Monday (Feb 6). Unfortunately, my week is fully loaded. I cannot find a spare time to pick it up. Fortunately, we had no Spanish class on Thursday, so I took the time to fetch my baby laptop waiting for me. He must have been scared of the earthquake last Monday.

Mama came with me. We planned to have dinner at Matias after, since it's near the service center. After picking up the laptop, Mama and I were already so hungry, but it was too early for dinner. So we ate snacks at Lots'a Pizza, which is also near Matias. However, our plan failed as my brother couldn't have dinner with us. He and his friends were on their way to have their dinner somewhere else. Boo. Matias dinner canceled to a later date. Anyway, Matias is an affordable barbecue restaurant in Mandaue City.

checking my laptop at Lots'a Pizza

On to my laptop. I'm so satisfied with the work of the service center, TEKZONE. I've been there twice. The first time I submitted my lappy for repair last December, they only updated the BIOS, so the problem still kept on manifesting. I didn't pay a single dime, unlike going to this certain PC store. I bought my laptop there because they sell it for a cheaper price. But when I first came to them for help, the technician asked me 500 pesos. Sadly, he wasn't able to fix my laptop. I guess this is common in other PC stores. Not sure, though. So I resorted to Tekzone, as I've read many good reviews about them. I did my research.

I came back to Tekzone, since my laptop is still blacking out. This time, they replaced my lappy's LCD and motherboard for free! Yes, free, because it's still under warranty. They are so great. They didn't charge any service fee. Plus, LCD and motherboards are expensive, so paying nothing is amazing! Moreover, so far, the problem hasn't manifested. I hope it will never black out, again. The only problem I encountered after is that it won't shut down. I've read forums about this problem. It's common after BIOS update. I've tried some of the solutions, myself. So far, it's acting fine. Please Lord God. I hope my laptop is fine, now. I believe my laptop will be perfectly functional, forever. I have no money for future repairs or to buy another. 

Tekzone is an Asus Authorized Service Center. They charge zero fee for repairs on PC's under warranty. They are located at Trader's Arcade on Hernan Cortes St., Mandaue City, Cebu. You can see the complete list of ASUS-authorized service centers here. However, the address of Tekzone needs to be updated in the site. Almost lost my way to Tekzone the first time, because the building is now called Trader's Arcade or Trader's Hill.


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