Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

I have a grudge on valentine's because of what happened last year. I thought, where the fudge is cupid when you need him the most? I mean, what's the big deal about valentine's day? Why make such a huge fuss about it? However, I would want to drive the bad vibes away and let the good vibes in. I don't wanna dwell in the past, though I must admit, the pain will always be here, lurking inside my wounded heart. I will not let the existential vacuum drag me back. I have to respond to it as positively as possible. I must move forward. 

On that note, I started to reminisce how I treated Valentine's day in the past. Wow! I was such a romantic daughter, friend, and student. I used to create a valentine card full of glued  red cut-out hearts. I would write a love letter to my Mama and Papa. I also used to buy lots of chocolates that I would give to my family, my friends, and my favorite teachers. I deserve a hug for being a sweet kid. Thus, this year, I gave my Mama a cute valentine's gift.

With that, my gloomy Valentine's day brightened. Also, thanks to my friends who celebrated pre-Valentine's date with me. Tombs Society, you made me so happy! Additionally, thanks to my Kuya, my Kuya's wife, and Baby Dime for yet another pre-Valentine's dinner date. I was so full, my tummy could explode anytime. Moreover, I'm grateful to my Mama for having a Valentine's dinner date with me, which turned into a romantic candle-light dinner. Thanks to the unexpected brownout! Most importantly, thank you God for granting my valentine's wish. Lakers won today's game! When I believe, everything falls perfectly into place.

Tombs Society Date

only showing Baby Dime's photo because Kuya hasn't upload the rest

no photos during the date with Mama, so I'll recycle this sane photo of us



  1. I loved the pictures, they are really full of fun and happiness :)

    I'm following your blog

    Kisses from Portugal*