Sunday, January 16, 2011

Been Out, and may be Out for Good

I have not been blogging for two weeks, now. My always-been-lazy butt has been activated by some odd fairy of some kind, and I don't know why the Billy Fairy image keeps on popping up in my head. Perhaps because I saw The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy last night with Billy having visited by the Tooth Fairy. Psycho me.

Confusion is bubbling up the volcanic lake in my brain. I have this weird feeling of ceasing from blogging. My cravings for blogging is thrown out of the window. I'm just all broken up right now. I need to fix myself. It's not like I'm undergoing the 5th stage of the psychosocial stages, which is identity vs. role confusion, because I know exactly what my identity is and what my roles in life are. I'm just lost. I'm scattered all over the entire universe, and I need to put myself back together, to compose myself. Fuck! What is wrong with me? I have lost faith. No matter how I try, I just lost it.

My being OUT is not final, though. I might be just latent for some time, but will be posting bits, if I go normal, which is very highly unlikely.

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