Monday, January 24, 2011

I deserve a doughnut for pimping my blog

According to my watch, it's 4:57AM. Hell, yeah! I just finished pimping my blog. I easily get bored with my themes and templates, which I do not even, myself, create, and which I just use for free. Oh well, credits to you templates makers and creators, without you, my blog will be as boring as my drab face. Geez, it's already 5:02. What kind of hardworking soul has possessed me? It's kindah funny how I used "hardworking", when in fact I have yet to study school loads of lessons, and read bulk of papers. And what have I busied myself into?... TADAAH! Pimping my blog. HAHA, like this blog would help me pass all my courses.

Since it's on and on to the break of dawn, I got a mic and I just can't leave it alone, I be the T.O.P, aight?! I represent the Big Bang, BIG BANG! And my point is, I'm hungry. I'm lusting for Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Why? Why aren't there any Krispy Kreme branches, stores, and franchises here in Cebu? Why have you forsaken me, Kripsy Kreme? C'mon! I demand Krispy Kreme stores in Cebu. Feed my lustful mouth, oh puh leez! When will I ever taste you, again? Are there Krispy Kreme stores in Cebu which I am unaware of? If there are, tell me! I beseech thee, inform me. Sigh, this is so frustrating. I gotta sleep this off. The slacker is slacking off, now, to her slack.

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