Sunday, January 16, 2011

Meg, The Meggy, The Gay, The MegGay

Today's my best butt's birthday, Meg. I love this gay kid. She's not really gay, she's a SHE. A woman, I guess. I think "girl" is more fitting. She's a BUM Girl. Lolz! She's a very smart and talented girl. She is made of awesome, 101%, I must say. She's a prodigy!

I love you Meggy! And I know you love me, too. LOL. Still hasn't bought a gift for you, but you must wait. My GOD! I wanna celebrate our, more or less, 7 years of friendship,which I will treasure forever and which nothing can ever replace or even equal to. Thank you so much for everything, yot. xoxo~~

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