Saturday, November 03, 2012

Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour in Manila, Philippines

Dreams do come true. Never have I imagined that one day, Big Bang will visit the Philippines and hold a concert in this country. I was even torn during the global poll of countries to be included in Big Bang's world tour - whether to vote for the Philippines or not. I'm kind of possessive when it comes to Big Bang. I have that odd selfishness. Yes, I want Big Bang to be famous around the world, for their music to reach continents. But there's a little voice in me that desires to keep them in their state of fame, their status quo, for my own consumption. I ended up voting for the Philippines, though. Practicality knocked on my head. When you weigh the costs and benefits, flying to Korea to watch their concert is more costly than plainly flying to Manila from Cebu. I have prayed for the concert to be held in Cebu, so that I won't have to spend that much anymore, but Manila's the capital. I can't do anything about that. The heavens still answered my prayers, because the concert day was set on October 24, which happens to be our sembreak. It means that I have no class! I won't be absent from school! *happy dance* And let it be known, 24 is my favorite number. Does Kobe Bryant ring a bell?

I thought I was going alone to Manila, but I compelled my sister (I love you lots) to go with me. She does not need to watch the concert with me. I just need someone to be with me in Manila, at least. Amazingly, Bianca decided to watch the concert. She made the decision on the last week of September, and followed my flight schedule. FYI, I already bought the concert and plane tickets way back in July. I was so happy for her. Bianca is the sole person to be blamed on my insanity for Big Bang. She was the one who introduced me to Big Bang last January 2009, forcing me to watch the Haru Haru M/V. I did not immediately fall in love with them. Bluntly, I was discriminating them for being too emo. It was after she showed me G-Dragon's photos that made me fall on my knees for his beauty. I take my bad words back. They are the best. I can't even. Thank you, Bianx! You know I love you.

We were already inside SM MOA Arena this time (around 7PM). The concert's gonna start at 8PM. We did not have to queue early because we had reserved seating. One tip during concerts, don't buy standing or free seating tickets. It's advisable to buy reserved seating tickets, so that you don't have to fall in line very early. I've read fanrepo saying that there were pushing in the line, and worse, some were not able to get inside in time. The concert already started when they finally got inside the arena. I wouldn't wanna miss any performance in the concert, especially the opening or intro.

Bianca and I parted ways, so I'm alone. I was in lower box, she was in upper box. Here's an awesome thing. My ticket is Lower Box B, but when the concert started, I ran to the front. I stayed in Lower Box A the entire time. What a steal! There's about 1 thousand pesos difference with the price of both tickets, so I saved 1 thousand pesos! Awesome, right? I even complained before why I was not able to buy Lower Box A tickets. God will make a way, God did. By the way, most of us ran to the front. We all deserve a pat on our shoulders, VIPs. By the way, do you notice those fans? They are concert giveaways! They were individually placed on each seat. The crown and the light stick are the only Big Bang merchandise I could afford. I don't want to spend too much on Big Bang, anymore. You make me poor, BB.

My boys! I was dying of too much euphoria. I can't even contain myself. I was going to explode when I saw them live. Jesus Christ! I can't, for the life of me, express how happy I was that night. Asdfghjkl! I did not bring any camera, except for my phone, because it was not allowed, supposedly. Some were still able to enter with their cameras. I hate my being overly obedient sometimes, but no regrets! I love my fellow VIPs for their HD pictures and videos. Thank you for sharing, guise.

Seungri, Taeyang, and Daesung talking to the VIPs. They love Manila! YB said, "Manila ladies are hot!". Not as hot as you are! You're way too hotter, YB. Can I just say that Seungri ruined most of the VIPs bias list? God! Seungri looks much much more handsome in real life. He is way too adorable. I love him! Daesung is handsome in real life, too. Don't call him ugly.

Taeyang! He went topless later in the concert, dancing in front of us. Holy mother cow of all heavens! I was not able to take photos of the shirtless YB, though. I was too busy staring at his abs. Crap!

The lights during their Blue perf was superb.

TOP! Gasp! TOP is so freaking handsome. Bianca's bias before was GD, but when he saw TOP, she switched. I'm happy about that, because GD's all mine. GD is so handsome, too. Oh God. Their handsomeness is too much for my life to handle.

I took some short fancams during the concert and uploaded them in youtube. Here's my playlist of my uploads. They are very shaky, so I'm so sorry. I have recorded their Encore performance, and it was the longest that I recorded, but the girl in front of me accidentally hit my hand, so my phone flew into the crowd. She returned it to me, dismantled into 3 pieces, saying sorry. My phone is okay, but the video could not be played. Something wrong happened to the video. I'm so sad. It was an accident, so I forgave the girl. 

Anyway, you can watch other HD fancams, which are most definitely better than mine. I was not able to take decent photos and videos, because I want to focus on the boys while performing. I even sometimes stop with my shouting and just stand there at awe, marveling at their beauty. I still can't believe that I saw them in real life. It has always been by dream, but it's unbelievable. It's hard to sink in and absorb.

Here are some lovely messages from Big Bang:
  • SEUNGRI: Manila is so hot.
  • TAEYANG: Manila ladies are so hot!
  • SEUNGRI: Manila, you have such a beautiful voice. Better than me. That's true. Thank you for coming today. Please don’t forget tonight. I promise you, we will gonna be back again because I LOVE THIS PLACE, I LOVE THIS COUNTRY, MANILA BABY!
  • TAEYANG: I love this country, Manila baby!
  • GD: This is my first time in the Philippines....everyday and every night. There are a number of shows, but you're the best.... for those posters, photos, I see them all so thank you, thank you very much, I wanna say thank you all.. Ok.
  • TOP: We'll try to come back very soon. (TOP mostly spoke in Korean)
  • DAESUNG: This tour is very special to me. I visit all of you guys all around the world. We will try the best for you, also I will do my best for you guys too. Thank you for coming tonight. We love you!
  • TAYEANG: I can't leave you like this.
  • GD: Paalam. Salamat. Magandang gabi. Mahal ko kayo!
  • TOP: Mahal ko kayo!

Here are some funny moments:
  • Taeyang did a somersault, which almost failed, but he covered it up with another tumbling.
  • Seungri said, "Manila, sigaw!", but we did not understand him so we did not shout. GD laughed at him.
  • TOP wore a cute headband and did his choomTOP or bingu dance.
  • GD accidentally dropped his mic while fixing his hair(?). So cute!
  • They splashed water at each other and at the VIPs. 
  • Seungri played with the stuff thrown at them, especially the panda stuffed toy and the inflatable crayons.

Here are some mix of I'm-so-angry-and-so-jealous-of moments:
  • Some VIPs were able to touch them! I saw videos where some were able to touch and hold Daesung, Taeyang, and GD!
  • GD went to the side and grabbed the hand/camera of the girl, looking to the camera while singing. I'm so freaking jealous of that girl!
  • GD got wounded on his forehead. I'm not jealous about this, but I'm kind of anxious.
  • They threw their shirts, jackets, towels, and other stuff to the VIPs! I'm jealous because I did not get any! I would love to get sweaty clothes from them. I would never wash them.
  • I did not get wet from the water they splashed to the VIPs. You must exert more strength in splashing water, baby loves, to reach me! Argh! It's like holy water!
  • All our missions failed! All of them! Even the fan chants! They all failed! Nevertheless, we blew Big Bang away with our earbud-breaking shouts and when we sang along with them albeit the not-so-perfect lyrics. Hey, at least we tried our best to sing Korean songs.
  • We failed in greeting TOP a happy birthday in Korean. Anyway, #happyTOPday!
  • I'm having a severe separation anxiety. I miss them so badly. I miss them so much! I wanna see them again. NOW!

This is, by far, the best night of my life. Hence, I am very thankful to a whole lot of people. Thank you to:
  • GOD for making all this happen. You made my dream come true. 
  • YG Entertainment, Live Nation, SM, Ovation Productions, the staff and crew, all other sponsors, and all other people behind the concert.
  • BIG BANG, of course!
  • My family and relatives for the cheese I spent.
  • Ira (my sister) and Bianca.
  • BBVIPAKO for giving out free gold ribbon strips and Salamat banners.
  • The girl who freely gave me a set of fingerlasers.
  • Big Bang Philippines for organizing the missions and fan chants, and for keeping us updated.
  • VIPs for being so friendly and supportive of each other.

October 24, 2012 was such a happy, happy wonderful day. I love that day to bits and pieces. No regrets. Definitely one for the books. I love Big Bang. Forever. VIP. Thank you, Lord.


  1. Wow I have seen a lot of pics of Big Bang on instagram. And glad you got your chance to see Big Bang live yourself! The Big Bang concert is here in NYC next Friday and I am still debating if i should get tickets. Time is ticking for me.

  2. You should! It's worth every penny. You won't regret it. If you're a hardcore VIP, you'd miss half of your life if you won't watch the concert. My life is almost complete after seeing them live.

  3. i got to share your blog :))

    1. Thank you, BBVIPAKO. I've checked your Facebook page, so thanks for sharing my post and my friends photo in your #MABUHAYBIGBANG album. :)

  4. Hi sis. I hope you can still remember but were you seated at lower box a or lower box b? and which section? thanks!

    1. Hello sis. My ticket was for lower box b, but I stayed at lower box a the whole time. :)