Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Upload Overload

I have only three days left before I fly off to my homeland. With the little time left, I ought to upload the pictures I have promised to upload this summer. I'm such a late uploader, yes, shame on me. It takes me so long before I upload photos. Pictures which are taken this month will only be uploaded a few months later. That's how long a time could span before I upload photos, I am that lazy.

Before I go home and leave these mess here, I shall upload these old photos. Today, all I did was create albums, upload photos, and tag people. I haven't even done my Hip Hop Abs because of this upload mania I am accomplishing. It sickens me, that I wasted a whole day uploading, but I have got to do this. While I am writing right now, I am still uploading photos. It is even more depressing, because of the failure of upload. F*ck!

Now, I am getting a dose of my own lethargy. Had I not been in a state of sluggishness, I could have not been faced to this exhausting job. Oh well, I have to upload more photos. Sayonara!

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