Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Wednesdays with MORE

It's definitely not Tuesdays with Morrie (one of my favorite books), it's Wednesdays with More, more, MORE! I'm uploading more and more photos, I'm eating more and more food, which makes me sad, and I want to write more and more posts.

I have long days ahead, but three weeks of my May days will be consumed offline. I will spend three weeks in my homeland, and sad to say, we have no internet connection in our house there, and no PC. Our computer is placed in my Papa's office, and we won't be bringing our dysfunctional laptop there. The only way I could get online is either to go to my Tita's house and surf for free or go to an internet cafe and pay.

Since I won't be able to update my blog the following weeks, I will write more posts, now. I'm one of those people who dig up their own blog and read their old posts. Oh yes, I honestly enjoy reading my old posts. My aim for this summer is to post more, so I can read more of my own posts, but I have to HAVE a life. I was unsuccessful with the posting-more thing, because I only posted a few last April, and I am sure it'll be fewer this May. When classes start, hell, I am surer than sure that I'll post less, lesser than less.

Now that I have an auspicious time to write, I shall write more. I am actually multi-tasking right now, uploading and writing. Perhaps I have become a compulsive multi-tasker. I need to pop chill pills. *Oh! Upload successful!YEY!*

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