Sunday, August 14, 2011

Acquaintance Party and the After Party

The Department of Political Science or the Carolinian Political Science Society conducted their Acquaintance Party on the 13th of August at Robinland Penthouse. The theme was Monochrome: A Black and White Party.

It was our, 4th year political science majors, last acquaintance party so we made sure we'd cherish it. It was the most memorable and best acquaintance party ever. We had so much fun, although I must say I felt sleepy. I always feel sleepy. That's my disorder.

Yes! We, seniors, got the MOVES LIKE JAGGER. And oh, we're the best dressed. After the party, we headed to MO2 for the after parteeeeyyy! Fun fun fun!!!! I'm lazy as ever, so I'll let the photos speak for itself. *WARNING: Photo-heavy*

More and more photos but they're too many, so I'll end the post with this photo of us with Shelly.

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