Sunday, August 07, 2011

Agro Trade Fair Goodies

There was this Agro Trade Fair last week in Capitol, which will only last a week. Lucky us, we're having our OJT in the Palace of Justice, which is just behind the Capitol, we were able to shop all these yummy goodness. Agro Trade Fair sells foods, vegetables, delicacies, fruits, accessories, clothes, shoes, and other stuff at lower prices. These are what I bought.

Super delicious chocolate milk, 500g only at Php40.00. This is Chrisia and I's favorite choco milk drink when we were in 1st year. We used to buy tetra packs(180g) of this after our CS class at night in SM. But their stall closed. So sad. After 3 years, I get to taste this choco milk, again. Imagine my excitement and happiness. Don't know where to buy this elsewhere, though.

Coral purse for only Php15.00. Bought two of this, one for my sister and one for me. She's a jealous bitch.

Adjustable, unique necklace for only Php50.00, originally at Php80.00. Last one left. Star and Lordee reserved it for me. They know how much I love lace and floral stuff. The lace and floral spheres got me.

Blue flats made in Car-Car for only Php160.00, sold at Php250.00 in Car-Car. This one is for my sister, because again, she's a jealous bitch.

Black flats, which I DIY-ed, for only Php160.00.

I am so glad to have helped and contributed to our local business industry by buying local products.

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