Friday, August 19, 2011

Fifth on the 19th of Eight

Photo credits to iBigBang.

Happy Fifth Anniversary, Big Bang!

Big Bang, thank you for keeping your group together up to this very day. Thank you for withstanding all the storms that attack you. Daesung has not been with you on your recent activities, but that doesn't mean that you are not together. You are always there for Daesung, and Daesung will always be part of the group. You will always be one group; one BIG BANG.

Five years, five years in the mainstream music industry of Korea. Expanding your music to Japan and reaching all across the continents. Surfing on that halyu wave, as they call it, you have reached me, a mediocre  Filipina. Your talent has amazed me, it amazes me, and it will continue to amaze me. I need new Big Bang songs. I need new earcandies from you. My eardrums are itching for your beats, rhythms, and voices. I crave for your musical God-given talents.

Big Bang, thank you for existing. You inspire me, always and forever. I hope that your group will continue to live on. Please, please, please always be safe and take very good care of yourselves. Be healthy. Stand strong. Walk brave. Stay humble. Be happy, because you are one of my happiness. VIPs exist because of you. We love you. I LOVE YOU.

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