Sunday, July 03, 2011

The Best Guy Friends

I don't have a best friend who is a guy, but I have best friends who are guys. Not one, but many. And I freaking miss them so much.

My sister and I's usual vacation destination is in Tagcatong, Carmen, Agusan del Norte, aside from our hometown and Zanette's. Back then, that placed used to be a paradise. Even my brother admits that he treated it as one; the nature, the beach, the ocean. Now, my bro claims that it's a place full of liberated people. Teens getting pregnant and stuff reinforces his claim. I agree with him, but I still see Tagcatong a paradise in a shallower level.

I have been contemplating on what to write on my blog. Without writing my emotions, I feel that spiderwebs and dust are slowly raveling my blog. It's like an old, creepy, abandoned house. However, I saw these special gifts the other day when my sister Lovely cleaned our altar ( yes, we're weird coz we put just about anything on our altar). These gifts were given to us (my sister and I) from our guy friends. They're already dusty and dirty, because they're about 6 years old, but I'll still cherish these dusty stuff.

Tracing back to antiquity, year 2005 to be more exact, my sister and I met this group of guys in Tagcatong. They're a dance group, and as much as I dislike to state the name of the group due to it's humiliating name, I feel the need of it. They called themselves MRD, which stands for Most Requested Dancers. See? The group name is so humiliating. We became close and good friends, together with our fellow Totoot Gal, Christine. She's a childhood friend of ours. There were other guys who are not part of the dance group, but they became part of our barkada as well.

Everyday of that summer, we hang out. We make good laughs, tell the silliest jokes, do the funniest things, and kid around. We'd gather, strum the guitar, and sing. We'd eat barbecues, ice drops, and muncher (the green peas snack). We drink. We'd hang out at the beach. We stay at a place and make a nuisance, because of our loud voices and laughter. We even had lasting phrases that really marked like Sam Milby's "I never said that I love you". They'd make a drama and fool us. As a revenge, we'd make a drama that's more dramatic and fool them. We'd feel a tad bit crossed to each other, then forgive each other, eat, and laugh, again. Some of them grew feelings towards us. Feelings sprung, but "walang talo-talo". We shut away those, because friendship is much more important. If I have to write all the things we did together with these jerks, I would just tire my lazy self, so I digress from that. To epitomize it, we're crazy, we're abnormal, we're happy, we're friends.

Before we went back home to Cebu that summer, they gave us a gift, perhaps a token of our friendship; a remembrance. It was so cute and sweet of them to do so, because they're guys. They are the best guy friends, ever. We left them. We bid our goodbyes, though it was heart-aching, we had to. We never forgot about them. We kept in touch with them, but after months and years later, we lost touch.

My sister and I rarely go there after summer 2005. Well, we went there a year later, but after that, our yearly vacation there stopped. In my case, I came back there three years later. We met an incomplete group, the MRD has dissolved. We hanged out with them at Christine's pad one night and had fun, though. Two years later, I came back to Tagcatong. Each of them went on with their life. Christine was pregnant. Sad news about it was that she's younger than me. I'm 19 and she's about 16. Another sad story is that the one who impregnated her was my cousin who already has a wife and a son. I didn't get to hang out with her because of that issue. She already gave birth last month. Our guy friends are away to other places, working or studying. One of them cannot walk. He had been in a severe motor accident. One already has a family of his own. I only saw two of them last summer. The one I only got talk once for a few minutes. The other one, I didn't get to talk to, but we just exchanged messages.

I was sad, honestly. My summer in Tagcatong could have been more meaningful, fun, exciting, and adventurous if they were there; if my sister Ira was also there; if all of us hanged out just even once. They really occupy a space in my heart. They are special to me and my sister. We care for them, we miss them, we love them.

These are their gifts to us. The shell was for me given by a used-to-be special someone. The tiny bottle was for sissy Ira, the big bottle was for me. I only got the sarcasm behind these vials, now. My sister was thin so she got a thin vial, I was fat so I got a fat vial. These evil guys! Heartily-made my ass!

The writing on the vials say: Eiw Vacha... Ira/Sheilou I love you.

Eiw Vacha was one of our funny, distinct phrases. Only one person in the group honestly knows what this really means, but we made fun out of it. Whatever this means, I'll just smirk.

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