Friday, July 15, 2011

The Gorgeous Docketers

As I've said in my previous post, we're having our OJT this semester for Public Administration. Today marks the  15th duty hours of our OJT. 35 hours left! Ain't it cool? We're only required 50 hours, so we only have to work for more or less one month. We're cool like that.

Palace of Justice. Look how cute and funny Niña poses and smiles. hee

Jel ~busy docketing criminal cases.

Niña ~busy docketing criminal cases as well. Yes, she got her own table like I do.

Grace, Lordee and Star ~busy docketing civil cases.

My very own left hand, and no, I'm not left-handed.

The bundle of civil cases that Grace, Lordee, and Star have to docket.

The criminal cases with the corresponding docket books which I have to docket.

The personnel in the office are very kind and approachable and might I add, funny. They are also very generous. They always treat us snacks. We sure will miss them when we're done with our OJT.

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