Friday, July 15, 2011

Edgy Corporate

In our International Relations, we are required to wear formal attire every meeting, which are on Saturdays. Last Friday night (not Katy Perry's song), I was preparing the corporate attire I'm gonna use for Saturday. I only tried the top and the blazer, because the skirt is no biggie. I was wearing my animal print boxer shorts; just a normal home get up. Yes, I wear boxer shorts, though they're a man's underwear. I am androgynous as ever.

When I wore the whole piece, they looked unintentionally exciting. I pulled two thin belts of different colors and added them to the get up, and BAM! I loved what I looked. It was a corporate attire, with the edge of the animal print shorts. Rawr! This is not what I wore to our class, though. I was just playing dress up.

yeah, the mirror is dirty, and don't mind my house slippers

Why does Adobe Photoshop (when adding watermark) make my photos grainy? Argh!

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