Saturday, July 09, 2011

School Drool Drum Roll

The sloth that has possessed me since my birth has a very huge chance of not leaving my body. Thus, it has continued to impede my activities, especially blogging.

Given this chance to post, and this is actually a strive for me - a battle - I shall grab this opportunity to blog. I battle my laziness and detain it for a few moment to keep it from interrupting and further delaying my blogging phenomena.

School has started last June, and I haven't even blogged about my endeavors thereafter. Huh! Sloth it is. Well, let's drop the word and move on. School in an academic manner doesn't really give me sparks. Excitement for school is only brought about by my love for my college friends. I cannot wait to hang out with them, and do all the loud laughs and chit chats. Tombs Society is the funniest, I must say. I just love our group, no matter what.

School days has been quite busy, but we're fourth year students, graduating. It's really true that when you reach fourth year, you won't be as busy as you were in the previous years, specifically the third year busy days. I feel busy but I am not stressed that much. Well, the school year had just began. I have yet to prepare for the upcoming months.

Our schedule is amazingly amazing. LOL. MWF classes start at 3:30. My happiness is beyond my happy meter. Who wouldn't love that? 3:30 class only means MORE sleeping time. Sleeping is my talent. However, my TTH classes start at 10:30, but at least it's not 7:30, right? Our breaks are long enough to spend eating snacks (my wallet is sad, my fat body is sadder) and never-ending chikas! The downside of our schedule is that we have evening classes. To think of me having to travel one hour or more before reaching my abode is so stressing. What's more stressing and frightening is that I walk the dangerous streets going home. I must have a taser, a pepper spray or a stun gun to protect myself from evil-possessed people. I really wanna live just near the school to avoid the travel time and the scary night entities. So boo for that. We also have Saturday classes for International Relations. Our diplomat teacher requiring us to wear formal attire each meeting ignited me. I dread wearing formal attires. It's my weakness. I feel so ugly and ridiculous. However, I'm starting to appreciate it. I don't loath it that much, now. It's actually a good training ground.

We are now back to the Main Campus. Destiny has been toying with us, political science people. We spent our first year in the main campus, but we transferred to TC when we were in second year, and still spent our third year there. Now that we are fourth years, we're back to main. It's kind of funny how inconsistent our minds are. When we had to transfer to TC back then, we we're all complaining. Now that we're back to main, we are still complaining. I love both Main and TC. I love main because my transportation and travel time going there is way much better than going to TC. Our building has an elevator, which is so cool. There's no elevator in TC. However, TC is big. It's not overcrowded, there's the nature and forest and cool winds and breeze, unlike the polluted hot air in main. In Main, there are lots of pick-pockets. Star had been a victim just recently. LA LA LA, whatever. It's actually a good thing that we are both Main and TC people.

Most exciting part - OJT, baby! I don't know if all people would agree to me that OJT is exciting, because we just do clerical stuff, but for job experience in an office is pretty exciting and interesting. It's a whole new experience! Our OJT is in the MTCC Office of the Clerk of Court in the Palace of Justice. We were divided into two. The other half dockets disposed civil cases, the other half dockets disposed criminal cases. Having a criminal mind, I immediately jumped towards the table of criminal cases. It's the job I long to be in. Docketing is just writing, but reading about crimes is my thing. I just love crimes. Happiness beyond happy meter, again. However, there's always a con in every thing, and in our OJT, it is the early schedule. Our duty hours are from 9:00am to 12:00pm. Early schedule means I have to wake up early, ride the ferry boat uncomfortably with the huge crowd, and LESS sleeping time. I have to suffer for a month or so for this. At least, docketing criminal cases gives me the motivation.

To wrap things up, the first month of the school year, of being a fourth year graduating student, is fun and exciting. I'll keep my fingers crossed for more good things and less stress (or no stress at all) to come. ¡Hasta luego!

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