Thursday, July 28, 2011


Because I am not in the mood for blogging, Azkals just lost against Kuwait with 5-1 aggregate score, I found one thing that made me happy - 2NE1. The video is so pretty! NEON! The loss of Azkals is ugly, though.

2NE1's UGLY music video.

I still believe in Azkals, though. And even if they lost, #azkalswebelieve is the number 3 trending topic worldwide in Twitter. Because we Filipinos believe in Azkals.

Regarding the message of the song, I can only understand the chorus, I don't really think I'm ugly. I always believe that we are all beautiful, philosophically. I thought that we all have goodness within, and that's what makes us beautiful, even though we're ugly outside. Well, that's what I thought back in high school. I still think everyone is beautiful until now, however, with not the same reason. We have a beautiful mind. Our goodness and brutality on both sides of the spectrum. How good and evil people are. We have beautiful minds.

Back to the beauty point. I'm not really ugly. I'm fat, but not ugly. I am beautiful. Weh? But yeah, I sometimes feel that I'm ugly, ain't nobody wants to love me. Just like her, I wanna be pretty. I'm all alone. I'm always all alone. Sigh~


  1. im also alone. but with you and tombs, nah! forget that late comer prince charming. hahaha :P

  2. haha, yish!! we're alone in that sense, but yeah, we are not when we have tombs with us. Our late comer prince sucks as hell, I'm gonna beat him up. Wave the flag of tombs society!!!!!!!!