Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why KOBE Needs to Slap My Face

"Can you just come here in Cebu, Kobe? PLEASE. I beg you on my knees. When you come here in the Philippines, can you come here in Cebu? You have been in Manila for a few times, so give me a chance to see you, Kobe. Come to CEBU, Kobe." -with all my heart, mind, and soul,  Mars
I have tried to stop talking and thinking about Kobe as of the moment. I know I should not be writing this, because I am actually making myself more sad. The more I think about it, the more I become hurt.

Kobe's gonna be in Manila this July 13 (he is even now in the Philippines as I breathe). Tickets will be (were) given  for FREE at Nike and somewhere in The Fort, Manila on July 2. Only two tickets per person; first come - first serve policy. There was another way to get tickets, but they were too exhausting. If only the tickets weren't for free, we could just buy for ourselves without undergoing the hassle, and without us (or someone we could ask) necessarily being there on July 2.

I was ecstatic when I read about this news. Kobe has been coming here in the Philippines and I NEVER get to see him, EVER! I am such a LOSER Laker/Kobe fan. My sister already searched for flights to Manila on the 13th and we were all ready to book tickets. I told Papa to go ask someone he know from Manila to get tickets for us. I was even laughing so loud when he told me he was gonna ask (Ex)Congressman Real. What? My dad would literally let Congressman Real line in with a huge crowd just to get tickets for us? Damn! I have much respect for him. I can't just ask him to do that. Unfortunately yet again, we weren't able to get tickets for Kobe. I wouldn't expect much for Papa to remember and even try his best for this trivial matters. Kobe is never trivial for me and my sister, but Papa is not a big fan. He just told me we're just gonna watch Kobe in Staples someday.

Watching KOBE play live in Staples Center has always been my dream. However, my chances are getting slimmer and slimmer each day. We can't deny the fact that Kobe is getting old. He also has injuries that are too severe; that he has been just carrying for so long. The possibility of an NBA lockout this season is also an addition to the problem. Kobe may not play, again. I honestly did not have any idea about this problem. I just thought Kobe would be okay and that he'll play again. However, after reading this post: Is the end nearing for the Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant? Fan’s opinion, I was bathing in tears. The article was just a fan's opinion, but it has some truth in it. These are sad possibilities that he's talking about, but I will always believe that Kobe can surpass them all.

I just hope that Kobe will not stop. I believe that Kobe will continue playing in the NBA until I see him play live in Staples Center. Kobe will stay until I reach that dream. He will not fail me. Kobe and God will not fail me. I believe that Kobe and GOD will make my dream come true.

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