Friday, November 04, 2011

A Bad, Bad Day

Today is one of the worst days, EVER! Mark this day, you evil person. Karma will come your way.

IMPORTANT! Be very vigilant and alert when riding a taxi, even if you've already reached your destination. If you have something in the trunk, get it out first before you pay the fare.

The taxi we rode this morning drove away with my luggage and my bro's backpack in the trunk. We shouted and ran after him (taxi driver) or it (taxi), but he drove so fast right after I closed the door. He knew we had baggage in the trunk, and it was impossible for him not to notice us in his side mirror waving and running after him. He even stopped for a moment before he went to the road, so he obviously peeked at the side mirror before doing such to avoid collision with other vehicles. I do not know if it's his modus or it was just plain mistake, but he definitely is dumb as a whore shit. 

We called the LTO, but they were of no help. The bad thing about it is that we were not able to know the operator of the taxi and it's plate number. My bro saw the body number but when the police tracked down body number 0180, they found out that it had not been used for years. Perhaps it's 0130 or 0190. My bro is unsure of the third digit. Thanks to my mama's police friend, but the police had been silent when afternoon came. Anyway, even if we got the plate number, the police said it's so easy to switch plates. If it's really a modus, then knowing the plate number's useless. Knowing the body number is helpful. I hope the police will track down body numbers 0130 or 0190 or any possible replacement of the third digit. I hope that they will not stop even if a day has already passed. 

There really are no valuables in our bags, except for my bro's old, crappy phone, but our clothes!!!!!! Our underwear!!!!!! All the things in our bags!!!!! The bags!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!! I'm drowning myself in tears!!!!!  Every time I remember how we shouted and ran after the taxi, the same feeling envelopes me. I'm so angry and hurt, so tired and sad, so frustrated and devastated!!!!! Why are we so unfortunate????? I know there are more unfortunate people out there than us, but you cannot salvage me from this pain and sadness. No one can save and heal this hurt that I have right now. This is not the only problem we have, for heaven's sake!!!! We have more problems and they're all adding up. They are all accumulated in my heart and it hurts so bad, I'm gonna die. I wanna destroy things and kill that fucking taxi driver. I hope he dies and rot in hell. I hope before he dies, he'll be tortured first. I hate him so much that I'm starting to hate all the taxi drivers in the world. 

I can't stop crying!!!! Fuck!!! No one makes Marcel cry this much!! No one!!! 

Please return our bags with their complete contents. Please, Lord God. Please, help us. I have had too much  agony. I can't take this anymore. I suffered too much already. It's too much.

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