Thursday, November 17, 2011

Best in Late Celebration Awardees

If there's a plaque of gold awarding Best in Late Celebration, I would never hesitate to grab and accept that award. Not because of the award, but because of the gold. I'd sell that in pawnshops and I'd get fat ass rich. Abnormal thinking aside, this post is dedicated to Injeliah, Injel, Inj, JEL.

Her 19th birthday was on November 4, but she wasn't here in Cebu at that time. I was, but that was a bad, bad day. Sucks, right? Since we're on to blabbing, I might as well spill the juice on our surprise plans for her. We were supposed to surprise her last Friday. HAHA. But she was soooo busy, so we postponed it. FINALLY! We were able to surprise her yesterday at Hukad, Ayala, Terraces. Her treat! We did not go for the traditional and usual surprise style. No cakes, no balloons. We opted for party hats, torotots, bubbles, and a tiara for her. Hukad waiters also sang a joyful and lively birthday greetings for her. We asked them to. I hope she's happy with our little efforts.

the birthday celebrator - JEL!

Tombs Society minus Star and Chrisia plus Bianca. So happy that Bianca's with us. Miss her much. 
Big Bang Acefeelers!

Hukad waiters singing her a happy birthday song. LOL. They're all looking at the camera (phone).
Hi, Robin! He's our waiter for that day. The one holding the jingle bell instrument. Thank you for the service.

Banana Booth! Laveeet!

As I promised, I don't wanna give serious and touching messages on birthdays, because it's a time of joyous, happy celebration. Thus, I digress from that. However, I just wanna say this. Honestly, Jel puts a really big and wide smile on our faces. She's the person who we tease all day, everyday. She's so fun to be with. We apologize for that, Jel, but you're so violent. HAHA. We love you, Jel!! Thank you for errrthing!!! Happy 19th birthday!!!!

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