Thursday, November 10, 2011

What's in my bag

Celebs and fashion bloggers have been asked what's in their bag, I'm no celeb nor a fashion blogger, but I have all the right to post what's in my bag. This is an entirely different version, though. Remember that bad, bad day when the taxi driver drove away/stole our baggage? Well, I'm gonna spill out what's in the bag, dudes!

Going to start off with my bro's bag.

Yup, bro had his N73 phone in his bag, a panda cap from Baguio (my pasalubong from the tour), and mostly Mossimo shirts, plus underwear. Another pasalubong in the bag is the Tagaytay shirt, which is supposed to be for my Papa but too tight. :(

Reminiscing what's in my maleta.


Okay, I got some random specifics. In my bag are:
The printed photos we had in Enchanted Kingdom (not the whole Enchanted Kingdom).
My Guess and Mossimo tees. Haven't used the Mossimo tee yet, since Mama just bought it for me. Sad. Two Island Souvenir HEART shirts (Mars HEART Cebu and G-Dragon HEART Mars).
Benetton and Zara clothes and other shirts which we just received from a package from my uncle. Never been used. Sadder.
My Tommy Hilfiger skirt which I haven't used for soooo long.
Havaianas slippers.
An orange dream catcher necklace and wooden key chains from Baguio.
Clean and Clear Essentials Moisturizer and Dove Deo Roll on. Randomly weird, I know.
Also, my DIY cut offs, and thrifted clothes and shorts.
Plus, my underwear! GASP!

I'm honestly starting to accept the sad reality that we can't have them all back; that we can't have them back at all. Mad world. Definitely a mad world. No literal walking dead, but people walking with dead hearts. Heartless thieves! How could you be so heartless? Okay, LSS-ing two songs now, Mad World and Heartless. Anyway, just be alert and vigilant. I don't want this to happen to anyone. God bless!

Credits to whoever owns the photos. Just googled them, so sorry I can't link all of them to their sources.


  1. Cute stuff!

    I actually tried on that Panda hat. Actually quite entertaining ; ).
    xx, Crystal
    Twitter: watermoolen

  2. @watermoolen
    Hi Crystal!
    Thank you so much.

    Yes, it is entertaining. I also have a wolf hat like that.