Sunday, November 06, 2011

Despite The Depression

Never thought that my Sunday could be productive...after all the depression.

Woke up from my Papa's call this morning at around 8 and told us to head off to Alpa City Suites Hotel. Bro and I immediately prepared ourselves hygienically. We had to ride a taxi since we didn't know where it's located. I searched Google Maps, though. From that horrible day forward (Friday luggage drive-off scenario), we had to be more alert and safe when dealing with taxi drivers. We even joked around about beating the taxi driver up. We've generated this semi-hatred for all taxi drivers from that horrible experience. We didn't beat the taxi driver up, though. We're not psychotic like that.

When we arrived, we stayed at the lobby for minutes and decided where to eat breakfast/lunch. Papa already had his buffet breakfast, but bro and I don't want that kind. So we went to a famous carenderia near Sarrosa International Hotel. I've never been there before, but I already heard praises from people regarding their cheap yet scrumptious viands. I honestly love their food. You'd feel like you're in a bario or town fiesta while eating there. The waiters and waitresses are very kind and humble. It's just a small place. It's honestly just a private house which free lawn was turned into a carenderia. It does not seem like a carenderia from the outside, but surprise, surprise, it is! Perhaps elites won't eat there, but there are many upscale people who still eat there despite it's unsanitary ambiance. Sorry, but I did not bother knowing the name of the carenderia. I was too delighted with the yummy, cheap food. Imagine. We ordered one pochero, one kinilaw, one pancit, one 12 oz Sprite, three cups of rice, and three bottles of mineral water. Guess how much we paid? Php210. We only paid 210 pesos! They even served us an appetizer (ginamos) and also served us two bowls of extra pochero soup. How geneorus!

If you wanna go there, just follow what Papa instructed the taxi driver. Papa just instructed the taxi driver to go to a carenderia near Sarrosa and he also said "Tandang Sora".

Right after we had our brunch, we went back to Alpa City Suites Hotel. Stayed there for a while then Papa and NY (they're buddies in cock fights) fixed and prepared their stuff since their flight is at 2pm. NY's driver arrived and we then headed off to the airport. Bro and I were dropped at Save More to shop some groceries. We then did the traditional, classic, and all-time beso-beso with my Papa. From childhood up to now, that's how we greet and say goodbye.

Thank you Papa for jump-starting my day. May god bless your trip and I pray for Him to protect you always, to keep you safe and healthy. I love you, Papa, no matter what. Lastly, thank you, Lord God. It's a Sunday, but I'm not at church. However, I spent it with the most important person (aside from Mama) in my entire life. I will continue to believe.


  1. love the banner! and, im happy for you mars. :)

  2. @anina pleños
    Thank you Ninz..for two reasons.
    1. for loving my banner. :D
    2. for being happy for me. I miss you! ♥♥♥