Saturday, November 19, 2011

Second Time: Mandarin Tea Garden

After our Forever 21 shopping yesterday, we hit Mandarin Tea Garden for our snacks. Their Cold Milk Tea with sago is pulling me towards the restaurant, and Sissy Ira wanted to try it.

Mama, Sissy Ira, and I ordered milk tea for our drinks. For solid food, I ordered Asado Siopao, ate ordered Buchi, while Mama ordered fried radish cake.

the cold milk tea with sago

asado siopao


fried radish cake

VERDICT: Not satisfied, unlike the first time. Well, I was satisfied with the cold milk tea with sago. I love it too much I wanted to drink more. It's really delicious. It was the main reason why I went back to Mandarin Tea Garden. I can't get enough of it. However, the asado in the siopao looks and tastes fake. It doesn't taste and look like real meat. I did not like the fried radish cake as well. Mama and ate loved it. It was delicious for them. Guess we don't have the same taste buds after all. It's their best-seller, but I don't like it. I can't take it's gross smell. Perhaps the reason why I did not like it is because I have sensitive sense of smell. Mama and ate had no problem with the smell, but I did. Radishes are naturally bad-odored. Good news comes late this time. The buchi was delicious! I never really eat buchi, I only eat the red monggo bean paste inside. I was amazed how tasty their buchi are. It was perfectly crunchy outside, but perfectly soft inside. The red bean paste was also tasty.

A few other comments. Their food presentation is not good. Look at that. They are using a plain resto tissue to catch and dry up the oil from the food. There are particular tissue papers for that. I see them in cooking shows all the time. They should use those kind of tissue paper. Another is that some of their waiters and waitresses are sleeping and resting on the seats at the back part of the restaurant. It is okay for them to rest and sleep but they are soooooo visible by the customers eating. Plus, they do it on the seats and tables for the customers. It is so unsanitary. They definitely don't know how to present well and please the eyes.

Even though my second visit to Mandarin Tea Garden was a bit down, I think I would still go back. Haven't tasted the other food they offer, yet. I'm rooting for their patatim. Till next time, Mandarin Tea Garden. :)

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