Sunday, March 11, 2012

IR Colloquium 2012 and some rants

The International Relations (IR) Colloquium 2012 was held yesterday at the Law AVR. It basically consists of presentations by the majors in the International Relations and Foreign Service (IRFS) track in Political Science. We are trackless. We are the last batch of the general track in Political Science, but since we have an International Relations course this semester, we we're included in the colloquium. It was the premiere night of our movie project in IR. Our class presented Mr. and Ms. Status Quo 2012, while the other class presented their adaptation of the book, Lord of the Flies.

After the premiere of our movies, the freshmen conducted a sort of sendoff for us. They played a slideshow with photos of the graduating students, which unfortunately, I was out of the picture. I never saw a single face of me, not even a shadow. I mean, come on, am I not a fourth year graduating student? This is supposed to be a tribute to the graduating students, right? I speak not only for myself, but also for some of my friends, whose faces didn't appear in the slideshow. So much for effort! They also gave us roses. I wasn't even happy about how they gave the rose. I was like, just standing on the stage in front of that freshie gurl with bunch of roses in her hands, but she seemed not to notice me. She didn't hand me the rose immediately, although I was in front of her, and handed it to my fellow guys. It took a decade before she gave me one. What's more agitating is that I wasn't the only one who went through that, also my other friends. Seriously! They could have stepped up their effort a notch higher. I was happy and touched with the idea of a sendoff. I'm grateful to our IR teacher for that. I know she planned that for us, because we suggested her about our desire for a sendoff in one of our classes. But really, the way the sendoff was done was not good. It was disappointing. To clarify, let me reiterate, I'm happy and thankful to our IR teacher for the sendoff.

Moreover, don't you give us the response that we are not participative enough in polsci activities, thus lacking photos of us. We attend every polsci activity, but we are not epaloids. Besides, not all the photos in the slideshow come from polsci activities. They even grabbed a photo of Air in her sister's debut. Haven't you, at least, searched photos of us, even if we're not FB friends? Where's the effort? Really. If you tell me we are bitter. Who wouldn't be, if you are in our situation? Let me just dig your hearts and read what you feel, if during your sendoff, you'll experience what we experienced. We are not hogging for attention. We are down-to-earth, humble, low-profile persons. All we are asking is a little respect, even just in a sendoff. Is it that hard to give? Anyway, bad vibes away! To my fellow graduating batch mates who did not experience what we experienced, I'm happy for you guys. Congratulations to all of us!

Credits to Ryla and Kay for the photos.

I'm so happy with the outcome of our movies, for both the MW and TTh classes. We worked so hard for our movies, and all our efforts paid off. Our teacher told us that we all get a grade of 1.0 for our movies. Yay! But, we're still hoping for the best for our academic papers. So help us, God.

P.S. Retreat this March 12 and 13. Hoping I won't cry. Awwww!!! 


  1. HELL YEAH!!!! I felt the same way. So much for friendship! Boooooooooooo!!!!!

    1. Yesh. Booo! Anyway, they may not show us respect, but we know that God does (speaking after the retreat). God will forever love us, so thank you, God! keke~

  2. Well done Mars!!! :) Everything looks so much more fun in the Philippines, I can't wait to go back!

    Btw I nominated you!!!! <3

    1. Thank you, Anna! It's more fun in the Philippines! keke~