Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mama's Birthday

What's up, ketchup? My mother's 47th birthday was on the 15th of March, and we had a small celebration at home. However, Mama and I went shopping the next day. In our definition, a shopping can't be complete without eating. Thus, before starting with the exhausting shopping, we ate first at Flame It! Consider it the second part of Mama's birthday celebration.

I ordered a flame burger with cheese meal, it comes with french fries and a glass of soda. Mama ordered the same burger, but not the meal. I have always loved Flame It burgers. Their patties are thick, juicy, and tasty. They put a lot of veggies in their burgers. Have I mentioned that I love veggies so much? If I haven't, then, there you go. I also love how they make bottles of mustard available at condiments area. Some may find mustard too sour and yucky, but I love how mustard can add a bit of sourness into a food. It makes the food more exciting.
I think I'm going to turn into a burger, just give me a few days. I've been eating burgers, lately.

My mother is vain, I tell you.

I'm abnormal, as always.

After filling our tummies with these sinful indulgence, we went on to our tiring shopping. Huh. Girls, or ladies, or women. Whatever. It's very hard for us to find the perfect dress or the perfect shoes. Mama doesn't even completely love the dress she bought, but I was really tired, so I compelled her to buy the dress. Before we met up, I already searched for dresses with my friends. So I was already super tired. My feet and knees were shaking. Anyway, we bought our dress from People Are People. They have a wide variety of dresses, and since they had a sale on that day, we bought our dress at 10% off!

I love the dress that I bought for myself. It doesn't fit for a graduation. It's more of a party dress. But who cares? It's my graduation. Can't show photos, yet. Surprise, surprise! Unfortunately, I haven't bought my shoes for the graduation, yet. I found a beautiful pair of pumps in Janilyn, but it's a stiletto! I don't want to subject myself in humiliation when I stumble during the graduation march. Even more so if I fall off the stage when I'll receive my diploma. Please save me from such trouble and pain. I might get fractures. Anywhoo, I'm gonna buy my shoes this week.

Do you want to give a streetwise gift to your Mom on her birthday? That which will really touch her heart? Well, I have thought of giving her a letter in an appearance of a gift certificate. It's not a real gift certificate, but I'm really treating her into a free session of medical facial. She deserves some beauty care after all the stress we gave her. I'm so happy with the gift I came up with. She cried when she read the message. Those tears meant that she was touched with my thoughtful gift. Here's a little secret, I also cried when I made this gift. Mama's appreciation; that, alone, is simple joy. Thank you, God.

IrSheKen is our combined names, with my siblings. Our cousin created it when we were graders.

We love you to infinity and beyond!


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  2. a mouth-watering burger... and belated happy birthday to you mom, she's pretty:)

    1. Yep, Queenie, really mouth-watering.. and thank you! :)