Saturday, March 17, 2012

Retreat 2012

I am totally lost for words. Pardon me. Okay, so basically, our retreat was held in USC-TC Retreat House last March 12-13. It was not exclusive for Political Science students. We were together with Economics majors and DHM majors. I loved the retreat. Although nothing beats high school retreat, I can still claim that this retreat renewed me. Enough with my dull blabs, on to the photos. Besides, a picture paints a thousand words. I must warn you, though, this is a photo-heavy post.
Credits to Kay, Ryla, Zach, Elie, and Grace for the photos.

We are going to graduate, soon. I'm gonna miss these people. I'm so thankful that I've spent my college years with them. I love POSC Trackless, the last batch of the general track.
I won't blab much. I can't contain myself with words. I'm just overwhelmed.
Good luck to all of us!
May God be with us.

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